The Future of Public Housing: What Washington’s new vision means for New York City

 The Future of Public Housing: What Washington's new vision means for New York City

Thursday, June 6, 2013
8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Theresa Lang Community & Student Center, Arnhold Hall
55 West 13th Street

The New York City Housing Authority manages 178,000 apartments with more than 420,000 official residents, and by most accounts a budget that’s inadequate to the essential tasks of operation and upkeep. The federal government is moving steadily away from permanent housing supports to new models. What’s Washington’s vision, and how does it affect New York, where public housing has long provided residential stability for families and economic vitality for neighborhood businesses? What are the likely trade-offs of NYCHA’s recent proposal to overcome budget shortfalls by spurring development on open spaces in public housing developments?

A conversation with:
David Gilmore
, HUD-appointed administrative receiver, Housing Authority of New Orleans
Rosie Mendez, member, New York City Council, District 2
Damaris Reyes, executive director, Good Old Lower East Side; tenant advocate, Baruch Houses Tenant Association
Julia Vitullo-Martin, senior fellow, Regional Plan Association; director of the Center for Urban Innovation
Emily Youssouf, vice-chair, New York City Housing Authority

Moderated by:
Errol Louis
, NY1 News

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