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All you academic social media butterflies and program directors who can’t keep your many profiles straight, this one’s for you: known as “the world’s #1 platform for managing social media,” Hootsuite offers three levels of its integrated social media toolkit.

For those of us on more than one social media platform, or managing social media for an organization, Hootsuite generates  a clean and unified brand across multiple platforms.  Unlike a similar tool, Tweetdeck (which only manages Twitter profiles), Hootsuite helps maintain up to three different social platforms on its Free version, up to 50 on its Pro version (from $9.99/month, but includes a free 30-day trial), and over 100 on its Enterprise version.

Hootsuite allows you to post simultaneously to one or more of your connected networks. It boasts compatibility with over 35 social networks, including Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, and, for those of you who like to schedule your Throwback Thursday posts in bulk, you can now connect your Instagram account (as long as you have both the Instagram and Hootsuite apps).

Hootsuite also offers webinars, a blog, and a resource library to help you get the most out of your experience.  Social media analytics, campaigns, Hootlet (a free browser plugin), and several mobile apps are also available.

Organizations can utilize services such as personalized set-up, security, training, and for those who  “want to build and distribute an app through the Hootsuite App Directory, or develop custom apps to meet [their] organization’s unique needs,” developer access is available to apply for.

Bonus: “Owly” images are available for free download on the site, including the owl featured here.

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