photo courtesy New America

Event | October 26th | Moving Beyond Breaches

New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative and Just Security present conversations with experts in the field of cyber security policy and practice.

Monday October 26th, 9am-12pm.

Lipton Hall at D’Agostino Hall, New York University School of Law

Session 1: The Mechanics of Cyber-RiskThe idea of cyber insurance has been around since the late 1990s but has yet to have the impact some had hoped for. In many cases data breaches and other larger cyber incidents are treated as force majeure or a force of nature, and remain uncovered by insurance. This status quo is due in large part to difficulties in quantifying risk. So we ask: what is cyber-risk and can we quantify it?

Session 2: The Precedent for Cyber InsuranceCyber insurance is out there, but the market for it has become stale. This conversation will explore why cyber insurance is feasible; what is being and can be done in Washington; what we can learn from our experiences setting up insurance marketplaces; and what positive externalities we could expect from a thriving cyber insurance marketplace.
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