National Archive Catalog Update

The National Archive is a vast collection of millions of federal documents and materials that hold historical significance to the US. The National Archive is home to everything from Supreme Court Decisions and Congressional Records to Genealogy Research. With an endless amount of photos, videos and documents, it may seem overwhelming at first. However, if this is your first time using the Nation Archive, you’re in luck! It just became easier to use than ever.

The National Archives Catalog has recently been revamped with advanced search and user functionality. With their updated search engine you can sort through the archive by material, file type, location, date, tags, and much more. The front page has also had a makeover, with beautiful high resolution images taken from the archive displayed in the background. Additionally, users that want to contribute can add additional tags to items and even leave comments.

While a vast majority of documents still remain to be digitized, the Available Online tag is a good start for internet researchers to sink their teeth into what the National Archive has to offer. In honor of Black History Month, check out some historical photos of civil rights leaders and marches that took place in the US, courtesy of the National Archive.

Whether you’re looking to trace your family lineage, search for a goofy patent, or just need to brush up on your US law, check out the new National Archive Catalog.

Keep updated with the latest news about the National Archive at their blog.

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