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DH Minor Spotlight: Bookshelves to Big Data…

Next up in our DH Minor Spotlight on Fall 2016 Courses, Bookshelves to Big Data: Archaeologies of Knowledge. “Throughout human history we have relied on various institutions and politico-intellectual architectures to organize, index, preserve, make sense of, and facilitate or control access to our stores of knowledge, our assemblages of media, our collections of information. […]

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Web social relationship diagram showing people silhouettes connected by colorful circles.

DH Minor Spotlight: Networked Media and Society

Next up in our spotlight on DH Minor Fall 2016 Courses, Networked Media and Society “The network has become the dominant cultural logic of our time with new societal conditions spurred by the maturing of the internet and mobile platforms. In this class we ask: what tools can we use to study the place of […]

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DH Minor Spotlight: Social Media Mashup

Next up in our DH Minor Spotlight on Fall 2016 Courses, Social Media Mashup. “We live in a world of ever-expanding networks, and the ways we process and “mash up” the sounds, images, multimedia, and data reflect the evolving connections between us. This course introduces the concept of social media and the mashup process as […]

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DH Minor Spotlight: Introduction to Digital Design

Next up in our DH Minor Spotlight on Fall 2016 Courses, Introduction to Digital Design. “Concentrating on design thinking, students develop the visual language and technical skills to articulate design challenges, conceptualize ideas, investigate design solutions, navigate software interfaces and both present and comment upon visual output in classroom critiques. Along with an appreciation for […]

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DH Minor Spotlight: Work, Love, Learn, Play…

Next up in our DH Minor Fall 2016 Courses, we are spotlighting Director Claire Potter’s course, which was completely full in the Spring semester, Work, Love, Learn, Play: Our Lives on the Internet. “This course introduces students to the practice of recent history, contemporary history, and the history of the future by documenting the impact […]

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DH Minor Spotlight: Introduction to Digital Humanities

Since today is the first day of registration, we will be spotlighting each course in the Digital Humanities minor for Fall 2016 on the blog, beginning with Introduction to Digital Humanities: “How do computers enable us to rethink, reform and reorient every stage of intellectual process? How might collaboration and other forms of digital creativity […]

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New Challenge Flier Updated

Announcement | New Challenge

The application deadline for The New Challenge has been extended to Friday February 26 at 5 PM. New Challenge is an opportunity to receive up to $10,000 and mentorship to take your ideas to the next level. You may apply individually or in teams and submit entries of all types: product or service designs, social ventures, […]

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DH Minor Spotlight: Internet: Playground and Factory

This is the next part in our series of spotlights on the Digital Humanities minor courses for Spring 2016: Internet: Playground and Factory* “This course explores the shift of labor markets to the Internet where the distinction between work, leisure, communication, and play has faded.  The course examines the violence of participation through the lens […]

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DH Minor Spotlight: Beyond iCelebrities: Social Networking and Social Activism

This is the next installment in our series of spotlights on the Spring 2016 Digital Humanities minor curriculum: Beyond iCelebrities: Social Networking and Social Activism* “Popular social networking sites have evolved rapidly in the past few years, alongside Internet-savvy grassroots organizations like  The course outlines the recent history of Move On, Code Pink, Facebook, […]

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DH Minor Spotlight: Fundamentals of Web Design

This is our next installment in our series of spotlights on the Digital Humanities minor curriculum for Spring 2016: Fundamentals of Web Design* “Knowing how to construct and maintain a basic website is a necessary skill for every professional.  Students learn basic skills in Web design programming (HTML and CSS) and Web graphics by developing […]

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