Guest post: Farm Harvest Now Available at the New School

By Mallory Sustick, Plovgh

Plovgh (pronounced plow) is a link between farms and neighborhoods. It is a way for people to get their food directly from farms, right in their neighborhood. By connecting a community of producers and members, Plovgh improves livelihoods for regional farms and makes the opportunity to purchase directly from farms available to more people in urban areas.

Plovgh feels like an online farmers’ market where members have access to an array of goods from numerous farms. Regional networks of farms, known as Farm Exchanges, distribute orders to neighborhood pickup points. Unlike a CSA, Plovgh does not require members to subscribe for an entire season. Instead, you purchase what you want from the farms you want only when you want. You have more choice in the farms you purchase from and more flexibility in where and when you pick up your order.

There are many farm-sourced food initiatives beginning to take root that offer new ways to discover, cook, and purchase food. Plovgh provides tools that help increase awareness of regional agriculture and urban food access by allowing people to better identify the source of their food, as well as connect with a much larger collection of eaters and growers. It is a resource for farms to sell directly to consumers without leaving the farm and a way for people in your neighborhood to have access to the abundance of regional farms.

The New School Plovgh Pickups are every other Friday from 2pm-4pm at Lang Caf√©. The New School pickup is organized by Ali Schuettinger (‘ if you have any questions she’ll be happy to help. To join, sign up at and you’ll receive a weekly email listing the farms’ available harvests. While the site is under development, visit Plovgh’s blog to learn more about the farms they work with and where other neighborhood pickup points are being organized.

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