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shannon mattern on public seminar

From Urban Studies: Shannon Mattern on Public Seminar

Shannon Mattern’s popular courses are available to Urban Studies students! Check out her latest for Public Seminar: The Ever-Expanding Field of Media Studies

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Global Studies Faculty Updates: March 2018

Eric Anthamatten published an article, “Punching Nazis in the Face: A Philosopher Makes the Case for Violent Resistance” in the Public Seminar ebook on ‘#Charlottesville: Before and Beyond,’ in which he shows how “to condemn punching Nazis in the face is to condemn anyone who fights back against violent assault.” Get the free ebook online here. Jaskiran […]

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Mia White Speaking Tour

Environmental Studies faculty Mia White is delivering a keynote tomorrow (3/10/18) for “Beyond Change: Questioning the role of design in times of global transformations” at the Swiss Design Network Research Summit, and then she’s heading to University of Cambridge/London where she’ll be presenting a version of the talk she recently gave at Harvard. Congrats, Mia!

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Capture 6

New articles featuring Timon McPhearson

Experts will help to lead the latest effort by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to assess the state of global science on climate change and its impacts and solutions. Read more   Four ways cities can prepare for climate change and advance social justice Read more  

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Mike Wallace

Julia Foulkes and Mike Wallace – It Takes a Village: Greenwich Village a Hundred Years Ago

Check out this wonderful talk — with opening remarks by our own faculty member, Julia Foulkes! Co-sponsored by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation and The New School Mike Wallace, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898, brings us Greater Gotham: A History of New York City from 1889 […]

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Shenzhen blog

Why is Shenzhen not taken?: A preliminary report from an uncertain field

Why is Shenzhen not taken?: A preliminary report from an uncertain field Excerpt below from a post on January 21, 2018 by Mary Ann O’Donnell at Shenzhen Noted Jonathan Bach opened our three-day workshop “Informal Plans, Planned Informality: Shenzhen as Model and Field” with the observation that our goal is not to map the borders between the proper city […]

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Items SSRC

What Standing Rock Teaches Us About Environmental Justice

What Standing Rock Teaches Us About Environmental Justice By Jaskiran Dhillon We live in a historical moment marked by grave uncertainty about the fate of planet Earth. Our children and grandchildren are inheriting a world almost singularly defined by climate change. Temperatures are rising. Oceans are experiencing acidification. Arctic polar icecaps are melting faster than they should. Small islands states are […]

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JD TO article

Global Studies Professor Jaskiran Dhillon on

Thanksgiving Distorts History and Sugarcoats Continuing State Violence Against Indigenous People By Jaskiran Dhillon It’s that time of year again. Step into any retail outlet and one is immediately confronted with a plethora of pumpkin products and leafy, decorative centerpieces for the dinner table. Families gather in groups, big and small, to engage in some […]

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What Remains on PS

Global Studies professor Jonathan Bach on Public Seminar

What Remains: Everyday Encounters with the Socialist Past in Germany An excerpt from Jonathan Bach’s latest book The Taste Remains In October 1998, a squat building with oddly sloped walls and a big red M over the door appeared on a grassy empty lot in an industrial area near the former border. The oddly modernist, […]

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Urban Studies faculty member Lauren Walsh at the Photoville festival

Urban Studies professor Lauren Walsh has two exhibitions opening at the Photoville festival in Brooklyn, Sept 13-17 and 21-24. Lauren is the Project Editor on both shows. Lauren teaches our “Urban Journalism” course and next semester’s new course on “Photojournalism & Urban Crisis.” Check out her work!

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