Event – Social Democracy Suppressed Series

The Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies proudly presents its Social Democracy Suppressed Series, with stimulating events on April and May. Join us!

Panic at the Pump: the Energy Crisis of the 1970s and the Transformation of American Politics
Meg Jacobs
Columbia and Princeton University
4/13, 6pm
Orozco Room – 66 W 12th St Room 712
Microfinance and the State: Rethinking the Politics of the Global Financial Crisis
Adam Tooze
Columbia University
4/18, 6pm
Wolff Conference Room – 6 E 16th St Room 1103
Reform and Counter-Reform in American Health Care 
Paul Starr 
Princeton University
4/20, 6pm
University Center Room L104 – 63 Fifth Ave
The Bonds of Kinship: Intergenerational Debt and Familial Wealth in the Neoliberal Era
Melinda Cooper
University of Sidney
4/27, 6pm
79 Fifht Ave Room 1618
Public Choice Theory: the Millionaires Bid to Undermine Democracy
Nancy MacLean
Duke University
5/8, 6pm
Wolff Conference Room – 6 E 16th St Room 1103