Thesis Statement


A lot of fascinating ideas start in the classroom here at Parsons. Many of them find life outside of it — whether it’s the fashion label Proenza Schouler or our Empowerhouse project — but many of them don’t make it out in anything other than a heavily modified form. Our recently-launched 2013 Thesis and Capstone Website lets the public look at work that could go either way; something they might be able to buy at the MoMa Store in future years, or something that may not see the light of day, but inspire more ambitious projects. Either way, it’s a fun glimpse at the future of design.

The thesis site collects thesis and capstone projects from students across the disciplines at Parsons: from design and technology to lighting design, fashion design to photography, and much more. We’ve collected just a few in the slideshow above. For many, many more, just visit the site.