Parsons Student Shines with Prism Magnifier

When you think of a small, impulse purchase, things like junk food, toys and tabloid magazines typically come to mind. You probably wouldn’t add Daniel Martinez’s Prism—a beautiful glass object made of solid crystal—to that list. However, through a partnership ... read more

Bringing Light to Communities Around the World

On an evening walk through Martissant’s informal settlements in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Nathalie Rozot stepped into a reality that would be unthinkable to the average New Yorker. “We were in almost complete darkness,” Rozot, a part-time professor at Parsons School of ... read more

Wanted: Designers Who Problem Solve

Sir James Dyson, chief engineer at Dyson, is looking for designers “who have an idea that solves a problem.” Have anything in mind? Student designers are invited to enter their idea to The James Dyson Award, an international design award ... read more

Sarah Koenig Talks Serial and the Podcast Explosion

Sarah Koenig, producer and creator of the hugely successful podcast Serial, was embarrassed to admit it: Before last year, she had never listened to a podcast. “I didn’t know anything about podcasts; I didn’t know what they were, or what they ... read more