Religion: The Real Architect of Kyoto

During Eiko Ikegami’s annual July pilgrimage to Gion in Kyoto, Japan, the historic district is overrun by Kyoto locals, kimono-clad women and camera-happy tourists who come to admire the giant floats parading through the streets and eat from night stalls ... read more

An Academic Safe Haven, Eighty Years On

The New School has always exhibited a firm commitment to human rights and social justice issues. Beginning in 1933, exiled European scholars formed the “University in Exile,” the precursor to The New School for Social Research (NSSR). Eighty years later, ... read more

Thomas Piketty at The New School

Those who have yet to check Capital in the Twenty-First Century off of their reading lists are in luck. The New School for Social Research’s Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis invited French economist, Thomas Piketty to speak at The ... read more