Paving the way for Equality in Public Health

As a cutting edge public health researcher, Dr. Brittany Charlton is constantly innovating. With her liberal arts background, public policy experience, and epidemiological training, the post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital addresses some of the most ... read more

Hunts Point: From “Infamy to Fame”

Members of the Hunts Point, South Bronx community can tell you that the reputation of their neighborhood has been sullied by a history of drugs, crime and prostitution. Local artists, however, have a fresh story to tell that casts the ... read more

Music: A Shared Experience

It was a scene familiar to most of us—a class of young children gathered onstage for a musical performance. For Nicolas Galvan, though, the ordinary scene had struck a chord. “No matter where you are in the world, all kids ... read more