New Certificate Program Trains in Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

Interested in learning alternative and practical approaches for addressing substance use?  Curious about how harm reduction works? Then you may want to join Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Certificate Program, a course designed for graduate students and professionals who want to work ... read more

Helping the Visually Impaired, One Hug at a Time

Growing up in South Korea, Chloe Koo witnessed her uncle’s struggles with a disability, The graphic and visual designer wanted to find some way to help. “Seeing the challenges my uncle had to overcome really pushed me to create something ... read more

Getting Girls Creating: Closing Tech’s Gender Gap

Silicon Valley is a male-dominated world, with men holding most of the jobs, the highest salaries, and, with some notable exceptions (Yahoo CEO Melissa Mayer, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg), the most important positions. Many theories have been floated to explain ... read more