Parsons Student Shines with Prism Magnifier

When you think of a small, impulse purchase, things like junk food, toys and tabloid magazines typically come to mind. You probably wouldn’t add Daniel Martinez’s Prism—a beautiful glass object made of solid crystal—to that list. However, through a partnership ... read more

#Lang30: A Dancer Who Moves On Her Own Terms

When Gillian Walsh was deciding where to study dance, she wanted to be in a place where she could “maintain relationships with the outside world” and practice her craft “on my own terms.” “I had a fear of being trapped ... read more

Learning from the Masters: A Jazz Tradition

Before there were jazz degree programs, music concentrations, required courses, and suggested electives, aspiring jazz musicians honed their craft by hitching a ride with touring bands and established professionals. They learned from the masters. When legendary saxophonist Arnie Lawrence co-founded ... read more