The Universal Language—A Research Radio Podcast

“We all ask philosophical questions, we all read, and we all dance,” says Stefania de Kenessey. “The humanities and the arts are all around us, and we can no more escape them then we can such necessary functions as breathing.” ... read more

Mannes in a New Key

The new century has brought a number of challenges to the classical music industry—a shrinking audience, disappearing recording studios, and a shift away from the success of the soloist. It’s also never been a more exciting time to be a ... read more

A Very Creative Process

“You know, I can’t really take credit for the idea,” says Simon Collins in the opening seconds of our latest Research Radio podcast. “It’s such an obvious topic, and I’m just the guy who put it together.” The former creative ... read more

Hackers, Unite!

Is Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, pitting proletariats against capitalists, a bit outdated for our current structure of the economy? Ten years ago, Eugene Lang College professor of culture and media McKenzie Wark thought it prudent to include a new class relation necessitated by the ... read more

A 21st-Century Artist Borrowing from Gertrude Stein

 The small, dimly lit back room of Jimmy’s No. 43 was crammed with fold-out chairs and chattering literati, in a scene resembling an afternoon gathering of friends. The back door to the East Village pub creaked open and shut, until ... read more