Reclaiming Imaginative Agency Through Art and Ideas

The events of 9/11 shook the city and the nation. For Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts professor, activist, and artist Sekou Sundiata (1948–2007), the events challenged his understanding of what it meant to be an American ... read more

Into the Amazon

As with most things, The New School is turning the notion of what it means to study abroad on its head. Under the instruction of Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts professor Mona Shomali, ten undergraduate students ... read more

While You Were Out

We’ve seen your Instagram beach shots, (with the incriminating Far Rockaways’ taco stand line and surfboard in the background,) your FB status updates, (“Just camping out for The Karate Kid at Bryant Park, woo hoo!”) as well as the tweets ... read more

The Universal Language—A Research Radio Podcast

“We all ask philosophical questions, we all read, and we all dance,” says Stefania de Kenessey. “The humanities and the arts are all around us, and we can no more escape them then we can such necessary functions as breathing.” ... read more