From The New School Free Press to Rolling Stone

When an old boss asked Elisabeth Garber-Paul if she wanted to work at Rolling Stone magazine, she responded with maniacal laughter from disbelief and an enthusiastic yes. That’s how she recounts it, anyway. Not long after graduation, the Eugene Lang ... read more

Paving the way for Equality in Public Health

As a cutting edge public health researcher, Dr. Brittany Charlton is constantly innovating. With her liberal arts background, public policy experience, and epidemiological training, the post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital addresses some of the most ... read more

The New School Luminaries: Miles Kohrman

The New School has been home to world-changing thinkers and creators since its founding nearly a century ago, with giants like Marlon Brando, Aaron Copland, Donna Karan, and Hannah Arendt having studied or taught here. Today that tradition continues as ... read more

Alumni Day @The New School

Jet lag may have been a common condition for those descending upon The New School’s campus one fine Saturday afternoon in early May. After all, they came from Turkey, Colombia, Japan, Brazil, and more, all to partake in an annual ... read more

Music: A Shared Experience

It was a scene familiar to most of us—a class of young children gathered onstage for a musical performance. For Nicolas Galvan, though, the ordinary scene had struck a chord. “No matter where you are in the world, all kids ... read more