Designing the Future of Media

The bustling and cramped newsroom of The New School’s student-run newspaper, The New School Free Press, is about to get a major redesign—in scope and curriculum, if not in space. Come next fall, Eugene Lang College will team up with ... read more

Hackers, Unite!

Is Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, pitting proletariats against capitalists, a bit outdated for our current structure of the economy? Ten years ago, Eugene Lang College professor of culture and media McKenzie Wark thought it prudent to include a new class relation necessitated by the ... read more

A New Way to Move

Entering Wollman Hall at 3:50 on a Wednesday afternoon this semester reveals an intimate look into a scene of undergraduate life at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts: Ten or so students, all dressed in the latest ... read more

Beyond Yes or No: Eugene Lang College’s Alumni Survey

Amidst the ongoing debate about how best to measure the value of a liberal arts education, Eugene Lang College Dean Stephanie Browner has gained national attention by introducing a novel approach: asking the alumni. Profiled in a major piece in ... read more