Anwar Shaikh Featured in Eminent Economists II

As one of the world’s leading heterodox economists, Anwar Shaikh has taught at The New School for Social Research for more than 30 years, authored three books and six-dozen articles. Now, his contributions have been recognized by Cambridge University Press’s ... read more

Civic Arts and Humanities at Eugene Lang College

Since its founding, The New School has pioneered new ways to connect artistic expression to public discourse. The university’s engaged instructor-practitioners have included famed artists like photographer Berenice Abbott and author James Baldwin. This semester, a grant from the Andrew ... read more

In Defense of the Swan

Swans have long been viewed as beautiful, mythical, and romantic creatures, as evidenced in literature and the arts. However, the swans’ ethereal nature may not be enough to overcome a host of environmental agencies calling for their removal. Hugh Raffles, ... read more