#NewUniversityCenter Graces the Pages of the WSJ

Amid bustling students and faculty members last week, the Wall Street Journal paid a visit to our #NewUniversityCenter. Beyond what New Schooler’s already know about the place (like how the building boasts one of downtown Manhattan’s largest auditoriums, includes an ... read more

A Grand Opening for the University Center

For the first time in almost 80 years, The New School once again has a central hub to house all its students—whether they study anthropology or fashion, dramatic arts or community development. The university unveiled its #NewUniversityCenter last week amid ... read more

A Most Popular Dress

Amidst all the bustle that accompanied the opening festivities of the University Center yesterday, one dress design was getting twice the amount of exposure originally anticipated. The black a-line dress wasn’t a part of a red carpet “best dressed” list, ... read more

The University Center: A Space for Everyone

When the University Center opens in 65 days (it’s the final countdown!), its brightly colored interior will be the first thing that catches the eye. The academic spaces and hallways that make up floors two through seven are splashed with ... read more

Stairs Take University Center

“Yes, we have a love of stairs,” Lia Gartner announced to a sea of builders, educators, and contractors, who chuckled at the statement. It wasn’t the first time this sentiment had been acknowledged. Even in the midst of her presentation ... read more