Civic engagement projects in our community

Please see the announcement below from the provost’s office requesting information about civic engagement projects in our community.
They would like to hear from any of our faculty or students (by April 20th). All details for submitting materials are below. Our NSSR projects are important to highlight, so please take time to review !
Thank you !
Dear NSSR Faculty and Students,
The Provost Office is once again collecting data on civic engagement and we ask for your help in gathering information. This annual survey is a joint effort of the Provost Office and the divisions to provide a comprehensive inventory of the university’s civic engagement work and to help us strategize about future efforts. Coincidentally, the update also comes at the same time as a request from Imagining America (IA) for TNS to help pilot a new interactive map that would feature us prominently on their website. Imagining America is a consortium of 90 universities and organizations dedicated to advancing the public and civic purposes of humanities, arts, and design. The map feature will allow web visitors to search by institution type and/or by engagement area. Users can read about our overall engagement work and learn about selected programs and initiatives in depth. To see an example, go to and click on Syracuse University.
For the purpose of collecting data, we ask you to provide information about your activities and projects with an experiential component, that reach out to communities and organizations outside the university, and address social issues on a practical level (which can include, but go beyond theoretical discussions in class) in such forms as service, problem-centered research, and advocacy. Please do not submit a list of individual student projects, which are simply too numerous to track. Instead, list the broader program/project/activity that initiated the individual projects.
When sending information please be sure to include the following details:
- Division/school/program
- Faculty/student/staff leaders
- Start date or length of project (if applicable)
- Project/activity title; 2-3 sentence description including the number of students involved
- Indicate if the project is part of a course
- Description of how you are assessing impact on students and community partners
- External partner name
- External funding
- Website
Click on the link below to begin inputting projects into the google.doc. Be sure to submit one project/activity per form. Once a project is submitted, you can click on “Submit Another Response” to continue adding projects/activities. To fill out the form, visit:
We highly appreciate your help in gathering information on activities linked to civic engagement. Please send me responses by Friday, April 20th. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Amy Minter
Special Projects Coordinator, Office of the Provost