Faculty Show: Noir & Blanc

Noir & Blanc: Faculty Show at Parsons Paris Gallery.
From the 26th of July to the 28th of August. Open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Parsons Paris Gallery, 45 rue Saint-Roch. 75001. Paris

Benjamin Gaulon | KindleGlitched

benBenjamin Gaulon is an artist, researcher and art college lecturer. He has previously released work under the name “Recyclism”. His research focuses on the limits and failures of information and communication technologies; planned obsolescence, consumerism and disposable society; ownership and privacy; through the exploration of détournement, hacking and recycling. His projects can be softwares, installations, pieces of hardware, web based projects, interactive works, street art interventions and are, when applicable, open source.
He is currently a member of the Graffiti Research Lab France. He has been lecturer at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, associate researcher at CTVR / the telecommunications research centre (Trinity College) and director of Data 2.0 (Dublin Art and Technology Association).
Since 2005 he has been leading workshops and giving lectures in Europe and US about e-waste and hardware Hacking / Recycling. Workshop participants explore the potential of obsolete technologies in a creative way and find new strategies for e-waste recycling.


The Aesthetics of Planned Obsolescence / Readymades Glitch Art
KindleGlitched is a series of glitched kindles donated, found or bought on eBay, signed by the artist.

The generated visual are unique and permanent. No battery required.

Display Max. Resolution: 800 x 600.
Display Tech: E-Ink ® Pearl.
Brand: Amazon.
Model: Keyboard 3G.
Dimensions: Height 7.5in (19 cm), Width 4.8in (12.3 cm), Depth 0.33in (0.851 cm).
Weight: 0.544lb (0.247 kg).

Julian Guthrie | DNA

julianJulian Guthrie is an American fashion designer and educator who has been working in the New York City fashion industry for more than a decade. He has worked for worked in both Women’s and Men’s design for brands such as: Coach, The Donna Karan Company, J. Crew, Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein Women’s Collection.

He is currently a Part-Time Assistant Professor at Parsons The New School of Design and also earned both his BFA in Fashion Design and MFA Fashion Design & Society degrees at Parsons.


This project was centered the premise of investigating my own DNA, design identity and in turn mutating it with that of Diane von Furstenberg’s.

To inform my design direction I researched Diane von Furstenberg, the woman and the company. From there, “craft” was explored with a focus on leather tooling, pyrography, hole punching and macramé.

Ultimately the garments for this project were made by interpreting and executing those crafts with embroidery, laser cutting/etching and digital printing.

Ben Katchor | Hotel & Farm

benKBen Katchor’s picture-stories appear in Metropolis magazine. His new collection of picture-stories, Hand-Drying in America and other stories was published by Pantheon Books in 2013. His most recent music-theater collaboration with Mark Mulcahy, Up From the Stacks, was commissioned and premiered at the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at the New York Public Library and at Lincoln Center in 2011. He was the recipient of a Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, was a fellow at The American Academy in Berlin and the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at the New York Public Library. He is an Associate Professor at Parsons, The New School for Design in New York City.

Hotel & Farm

The strips in the exhibition are from a weekly series entitled, Hotel & Farm — one week about hotel culture, the next about agriculture.

Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo | Palais de Tokyo, 40 Seconds

cynthiaCynthia Lawson Jaramillo is a Brooklyn-based Colombian artist, technologist and educator. Her artwork, centered around themes of time and transience, has been internationally exhibited and performed, including at The Kitchen, Exit Art and HERE Arts (NYC), UCLA Hammer Museum (LA), Point Éphémère (Paris) and the Museums of Modern Art in Bogotá and Medellín (Colombia). She has self-published two artist books “Of and In Cities” and “Slow Landscapes”, and most recently the third book of “Cross Urban,” an ongoing collaboration, since 2008, with artist Klaus Fruchtnis. Since 2003 has worked full-time at The New School in New York City, where she is currently Associate Professor of Integrated Design at Parsons’ School of Design Strategies, and Associate Provost for Distributed and Global Education. She has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá) and a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) from New York University. She lives in possibly the smallest neighborhood in Brooklyn, Greenwood Heights, and is a founding member of Occupy University.

Palais de Tokyo, 40 Seconds

Digital video, 16 minutes
The focus of my work is the exploration of time and the everyday. I am interested in capturing and re-presenting fleeting moments, both in digital/virtual interactions as well as in physical space. My practice intends to slow viewers’ sense of time by protagonizing the everyday as defined by transient space and make them aware of their own quotidianity. It is my hope that the viewer will reflect on their own existence, and become hyper aware of the small moments from which we now quickly disconnect: people waiting for others, kids hanging out, a couple walking by, and a woman in transit out for a smoke.

Jasonpaul McCarthy | HULK

HUNK1Jasonpaul McCarthy is an educator and a practicing designer, who embraces and encourages new forms of fashion design processes and integrates new ways to collaborate disciplines in order to question and foster new solutions and identities. Jasonpaul completed his MA in Fashion Womenswear at the Prestigious Royal College of Art (RCA) in London and has worked as a fashion designer and educator across Europe, America and Asia. In 2011,Jasonpaul joined Parsons The New School for Design. During his tenure at Parsons, he has been appointed member of the Parsons Festival Committee, BFA Coordinators Committee, EOY Committee, 560 Blog Committee and Parsons External Partnerships Committee overseeing and advising on projects, relationships and collaborations with multiple industry partners including CDFA, PPR, The Fancy, Milk studio, Fashion GPS and Indigital. Jasonpaul serves as an editorial advisor and reviewer for Lawrence King Publishing and AVA Publishing with a key interest in poetry in fashion. Recently, he produced the Parsons Fashion Elements Editorial Film 2013 and is currently the Program Director for the Parsons Paris BFA Fashion Design Program.

HULK explores and questions proportion and perfection through drawing from one’s mind rather than one’s visual representations. Without resorting to our sense of sight, it is based on remembrance and creates a subconscious and organic representation of fashion. Rather than being controlled and framed, it is open ended and explores the line as a way to create a physical digital impression. A line is not necessarily an artificial element. Instead, it can be an organic, natural and a moving point, with the weight it holds and the path it follows expressive. Through line and memory the image is a vehicle for emotions and captures character, style and self.

Bridget O’Rourke | Pale Grey on White

bridgetBridget O’Rourke is an artist, designer and educator based in Paris. Her teaching focuses on creative process, art and design methodologies and transdisciplinary collaboration. She served as Chair of Foundation (1998-2008) and later Academic Director (2007-2009) for Parsons Paris, Director of Parsons Europe (2010-2013) for Parsons The New School for Design and is currently Director of External Projects + Undergraduate Studies for Parsons Paris. She is an art and design critic and lecturer in schools and creative organizations and a practicing artist whose work is exhibited and published internationally. She is co-director and design consultant for the architecture firm Studio Andrew Todd based in London. She has an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania, a BA in French Literature from the University of Maryland and studied architecture at University of the Arts Philadelphia.

Pale Grey on White

Medium: Oil on wood
Date: 2003

This work forms part of an ongoing investigation into the question of reciprocity, of producing meaning through tension, opposition and balance.

Although abstract, this painting refers to perceptual reality. Various scales are simultaneously invoked: those of landscape and atmospheric depth, and those of close-up, haptic surface texture. They are rooted in direct experience and visual memory.

This painting is a fragment of an experimental, iterative process, containing many layers of trial and error that are archeological in nature. The process of paint application and erasure continues until a balance of opposition is achieved: light and dark, color and non-color, foreground and background, center and edge. This painting evolved methodically over an 18-month period.

Ivan Twohig | Excess Wilderness

ivanMy work explores the disruptive areas at the convergence of fine art, technology, pop-culture and critical theory. I have a broad range of experience exhibiting both in my home country Ireland and internationally in both small artist run galleries and larger institutions. My artworks have been exhibited as part of the St. Etienne Design Biennale in 2008 in France and the Fenomen IKEA exhibition at MKG in Hamburg Germany in 2009. In 2009 co-curated the Refunct 1.0 a symposium of Hardware Hacking and Recycling, he also initiated a series of Shape workshops for both children and adults which explore Geometry through physical activities of folding flat shapes into 3D structures. Ivan’s work has been included in publications in Ireland, Germany and China.

Excess Wilderness Paper/Card/Glue 2009

Jeanne Verdoux | New Yorkers in the subway

jeanneJeanne Verdoux is a French artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. She received an MFA from The Royal College of Art (London). Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows at Galerie Magda Danysz (Paris), The Bronx Museum (NY), Sandra & David Bakalar Gallery (Boston), Lumen Video Festival (NY), Muriel Guepin Gallery, (NY), Frederieke Taylor Gallery (NY) and 18Gallery (Shang- hai). She has received several awards including: Villa Medicis “Hors-les-Murs,” The Bronx Museum AIM program and NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists. Verdoux’s work has been reviewed in The New York Times, Time-Out NY, The Boston Globe and The Village Voice. She teaches art and design at Parsons in Paris and New York.

New Yorkers in the subway

French artist Jeanne Verdoux has been sketching New Yorkers in the subway since 2002, using New Yorker magazine subscription cards as canvasses. Using the train as an art studio, she has been observing and drawing random people in everyday life travelling on the MTA trains. The drawings explore human nature as well as attitudes and trends to create a portrait of the city. The portraits are drawn in black ink on subscription cards from the New Yorker magazine (4×6 inches).