Where to Eat Near Parsons Paris

Guest post by student Ece Targit.

One of the best parts of Parsons Paris is it’s amazing location. It’s literally right in the middle of the city in the 1st arrondissement on Rue Saint Roch just off of the famous Rue Saint Honore. I’ve been living in Paris, in the same apartment in the 2nd arrondissement for almost 3 years now, only a 15 minute walk from Parsons Paris. This explains why I have a couple places I keep going back to for lunch and coffee breaks. I know for some people it might get frustrating that there isn’t a cafeteria in the school but that can be a pro if you are willing to explore. We have so many great choices around the school that it becomes fun and exciting to try new places. These are are some of my favorites places to eat near Parsons Paris:

14 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001 Paris
01 42 33 55 10

This is my favorite breakfast/brunch place. They serve breakfast food all day. There is an epicerie downstairs where you can purchase their special muesli or teas. Upstairs has the sitting area. You have the option to get a menu or have it à-la-carte. Whichever you choose don’t forget to try one of their amazing fresh juices and the fig and lime jam.

5 Rue Villedo, 75001

Telescope is a tiny coffee shop just 10 minutes away from school. They have a very direct approach with a short coffee list and some delicious looking baked goods. If you are tired of the Starbucks queues and not-worth-the-wait coffee I’d definitely say give Telescope a go.

1 Rue Villedo 75001
01 47 03 33 65

This place has the best udon in Paris in my opinion (homemade!). It has a New York vibe to it––if you are missing that––with brick walls and old tiles. They have many choice so you can have your udon (or rice) just the way you like it. Perfect lunch spot with very fast service and friendly waiters (something rare, which you will value in Paris).

ece-parsonsparis-4Verjus Sandwich
47 Rue Montpensier, 75001
01 42 97 54 40

If you’re feeling adventurous and a bit tired of eating the ham and cheese baguette from the boulangerie, Verjus is the place to go. The restaurant is upstairs and quite fancy but for lunch time they have 3 different sandwich options which you can order alone or as a menu with a drink and a dessert. My personal favorite is the vegetarian option which is not on the menu (you have to ask for it) –– it’s a salad from the restaurant turned into a sandwich with the most amazing burrata I’ve ever tasted.

These are just a few options to get you started with your discoveries but keep looking! Paris is all about the hidden gems.

Ece Targit is a Design & Management student at Parsons Paris from Istanbul, Turkey. She’s been living in Paris for almost three years. Her name is pronounced “Ai-jeh”.