Meet Meo Kositpaiboon!

We’re thrilled to welcome our new Coordinator of Admissions and Advising, Meo Kositpaiboon! Meo will be helping prospective students with campus visits and information sessions, as well as working with our current students.

How did you end up in Paris?
I was born in Canada, but moved to Paris when I was 9. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to move around a bit – I spent some time in Barcelona while I was in Business School and also went to Montreal. I speak French, English and Spanish and I still can’t understand what my friends in Montreal are saying half of the time.

Where were you before Parsons Paris?
I was in Business School where I majored in International Commerce with a minor in Marketing Management. Since then I’ve been working in communication departments, launching a TV channel on wine in Luxembourg, and working in a French business school. I wanted to work with a more international population so I answered the ad on LinkedIn for this job.

So what’s in your job description?
Officially, I’m the Coordinator of Admissions and Advising. But really students can come to me for anything if they want to talk about the French way of life, how annoying French administration can be, why French people make you want to cry on the metro, dating advice, how to work the internship system in France, finding a job to pay for rent, or even help on their French homework.

Where can students find you for all this lovely help?
My office is in the room behind the gallery downstairs. Even if students just want to hang out or come find a quiet place to work, I’m always around!

What’s your favorite thing about Paris?
Well, I don’t really live in Paris, I live in a suburb outside the city. But my favorite thing about Paris is how easy it is to get out of Paris! You can travel to so many nearby places so quickly.

Do you have a best kept secret in Paris anyways?
Near Canal St. Martin, there’s an old Écluse where the people who used to care for the canal’s would live. Now its a really great place you can hang out and have a good time. They still have the furniture, and in the bathroom, they’ve filled the bathtub with pillows and you can hang out in there!

If you could be anything else, no restrictions, what would you be?
A vet. Or a professional horse rider… If I had loads and loads of money though.

A favorite emoji?
Hmm, definitely the little cat one.


Visit the Parsons Paris website for more information on Admission and Student Life.

Interview conducted by Kristina Parsons. Kristina is a graduate student in History of Design & Curatorial Studies at Parsons Paris. With a background in Art History, she is pursuing research in the intersection of the body, technology, and design in contemporary culture.