Thursday, October 22nd at 6:30pm kicks off this semester’s Open Programming with FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: a collaborative project by masters students Katia Porro (MA History of Design & Curatorial Studies) and shawné michaelain holloway (MFA Design + Technology) which explores ideas of collaboration and curatorial strategies for new media artwork. The approach can be viewed as an artistic practice where the lines between artist and curator are blurred.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: marks the beginning of a tour of artistic exchange between shawné michaelain holloway and four international artists. Holloway will be travelling to Berlin, Oslo, London and Naples to collaborate with these artists, none of whom she has interacted with anywhere other than the internet. In preparation for the trip, anticipation rises to the surface and a work in progress is revealed. As Holloway takes residency in the Parsons Paris gallery she explores the increasing excitement, anxiety and vulnerability that emerge in preparation for future exchanges. Throughout the week visitors will be exposed to the physical and emotional discourses between Holloway and the artists involved. Collaboration is a mixing of identity, and in each exchange a new version of self identity emerges for Holloway. As a new media artist working in the genre “Dirty New Media” her work exists primarily online. This is an opportunity for her work to emerge out of the digital and into the physical world. Each visit to the gallery is a chance to engage in the happenings taking place and interact with Holloway before she embarks on her artistic journey.

Katia and shawné will be hosting a series of events over the course of the week, so stay tuned for further updates!


This show is part of Fall 2015 Open Programming where students were invited to submit proposals to be shown in the Parsons Paris Gallery. Show on until October 28th.

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