Installation Club – Net Wt.


The Installation Club is a Parsons Paris students’ initiative that aims to create one large-scale installation each semester based on the social and physical environment of Parsons Paris and the city at large. The first installation, Net Wt., is a reaction to the number of plastic bottles thrown away at the school on a regular basis.

The club was started by a diverse group of students comprising every major in Parsons Paris, from undergraduate to Masters level. Involvement has existed in varying degrees and rotated in capacities, but overall, there are about 15 students involved.

According to Justin Booz, one of the founders: “In an ideal world, the space at the center of the school would be consistently put to good use, be it for student work or the showcasing of work by outside artists. This is a great place for Installation Club to reference as it will be available to us in the future, but we have no intention, given the limit budget and time constraints, to work only with this space.” However, for future installations, other possible venues may include classrooms, the gallery space, and partner institutions.

Given the COP21 climate change summit taking place in the coming weeks, environmental sustainability and waste were a natural first subject for the club to work with. Their first installation is a net placed on the courtyard patio of the school created to collect plastic water bottles that would otherwise be thrown away.

“We present you with this gesture: throw your bottles out of the window so that we may realize and even quantify why such considerations are so important.” (Justin Booz)

The installation’s goal is to be a first step in connecting the work that we do as designers to the larger problems facing the planet today so that even as students we may be part of a global movement towards environmental and social justice.

Official statement on Net Wt. installation:
The Installation Club is proud to have installed their first project, Net Wt. This project was developed after having noticed the amount of plastic water bottles we go through as an institution and was installed to raise awareness amongst our community in hopes to reduce our consumption of plastic and adapt a more sustainable lifestyle. We will be collecting all plastic water bottles from the school in a box located in the student lounge and making daily deposits. We ask you to NOT throw any bottles or trash out of the windows, as requested by the building management, to avoid any issues. We would like to continue to use this space for installations in the future and worked hard for this project to be approved. We also ask that you will gather/deposit water bottles only, as other drinks contain sugar and we would like to avoid the arrival of any critters attracted to sugary drinks.

If you have any water bottles to contribute, please leave them in the box located in the student lounge so we can add them in with the daily deposits.