La Reserve des Arts + Parsons Paris


As part of The New School mission for sustainability, Parsons Paris is in partnership with La Réserve des Arts, an association that believes that ecology is a cultural evolution. The goal of this partnership is to promote re-usable materials, new ideas and new techniques among our students in a supportive, economic and sustainable approach.


La Réserve des Arts has a threefold objective: reduce waste, support the cultural sector, and promote reuse. La Réserve recovers waste and scrap materials from companies, creating a database for students and creative professionals to re-use them. With the Parsons Paris partnership, our students will have access to cheap materials from La Réserve, and also be part of this creative network. Additionally, La Réserve will also help Parsons Paris manage our waste and collect it so it can be re-used.




Stay tuned for more about this partnership and sustainability initiatives from Parsons Paris. Students should get in touch with Ivan or Amaury in the Digital Lab to get a card that will grant you access to La Réserve!