Meet Internship Coordinator Jeanne Granger!


We are happy to introduce our Career Services and Internship Coordinator, Jeanne Granger. Here’s a little bit more about her:

What is your background, your area of interest or focus of study?
JG: My background is a mix of art school and entrepreneurship both abroad and in France. I feel creativity is the common ground between business and beauty, ethics and aesthetics. I love learning so I would say I am at the school of life. Sustainability is a big favorite focus of mine as I see it as the next groundbreaking innovative positive alternative so the most fun and creative field to explore!

What’s in your job description?
JG: Today the career service and internship coordination is a fairly new department at Parsons Paris. My job is mainly targeted towards finding great internship opportunities so students and employers enjoy great collaborative experiences. As well as explore new collaborations and partnerships with great institutions, companies or professionals in Paris.

Where can students find you for all this lovely help?
JG: They can find me in room 102 on Mondays and Thursdays or through the online resources and info sessions I update on a regular basis.

What is the main advice you’d give to the students who are looking for an internship in Paris?
JG: My main advice is to be curious! Also to have an updated CV and cover letter ready and a good online presence.

Besides from Parsons Paris, you also are the co-founder of La Réserve des Arts. Can you tell us a little bit more about you work there?
JG: I am so happy you mention it since it is such a pride to see this organization grow! I am on the board of La Réserve so I get to oversee with the director, Sandrine Andreini and the members of the board how to scale our impact in Paris. La Réserve is a platform that collects waste with very high potential for re-use in order to provide them to creatives as raw material. Let’s say we collect from a very high hand luxury group scrap of incredible leather and fashion students will get it for prototype. I am very happy Parsons Paris has created a partnership with La Réserve because it is such a fun, clever way to be sustainable in a stylish way!

What’s your favorite thing about Paris?
JG: I love that it is so easy to bike around. Every now and then the beauty of the city is so striking that it brings me to awe and that happens often when I am on my bike.

Do you have a best-kept secret in Paris anyways?
JG: If I tell you it is not be a secret anymore 😉 But I will tell you that there are many romantic spots I recommend for lovely dates: the garden of the Musée de la Vie Romantique, le Parc des Buttes Chaumont …

If you could be anything else, no restrictions, what would you be?
JG: Probably a rockstar on Mars.
Students and employers can learn more about Career Services on the Parsons Paris website.