This year Art, Media + Technology students from Nicolas Maigret‘s Dynamic Sound & Performance and Felicie D’Estienne d’Orves Core Studio 2 Spatial had the opportunity to show their work at MAC+ Exist Festival Creteil . The festival was conceived as a journey through a variety of unique artistic worlds, from photography to painting, sculpture and installation, taking the visitor on a discovery of different interactive and immersive worlds, some of which are even monumental in size. Its central, questioning idea pushes the boundaries of the notion that, without the spectator, a work of art cannot fully exist.

Parsons Paris AMT alumna Diva Helmy (’15) exhibited at Maison Des Arts Creteil PERCEPTION festival this year with her new piece called “Human to Human.” In the piece one person could control the arm movements of other people that were connected to the network. Current Parsons Paris students also lended a hand during the festival. [See it in action in this short video.]

Eden Tartour’s piece “Humanized” is a responsive project that reacts to any presence that passes by the frame.


Amanda Lewis’ piece “Tonal Architectures” creates a portrait of the space it is in through the science of cymatics. 

Amanda is using cymatics to look at the fluidity of space through architectures created in water by frequencies captured live in the surrounding space. [See it captured in this short video.]

Dasha Ilina practicing her performance piece called MSV (Modern Soviet Visualization).

Second year AMT students made this Dream Machine based on the project by Brion Gysin. A dream machine is a stroboscopic flicker device that produces visual stimuli and its rotation corresponds to the alpha waves present in the human brain during relaxation. 

Marthinus Smit and his “Self Playing Drum Kit”. 

MFA Design+Technology grad student Caitlin Pickall and her image sonification “Akouein”. Akouein (the ancient Greek word meaning ‘to hear’, from which the english ‘acoustic’ is derived) is a project that sonifies pixel data from digital images using computer-generated sounds. 

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