Student Show: Twoness

Alana Watson & Malique Lee are two American artists currently based in Paris. Known for his work referencing identity and racial consciousness, Malique Lee often works with film, photography, and installation art. Alana Watson is best identified with the themes of self-identity, cultural roots, and humor, using the mediums of tactile manipulation (usually in the form of collage), video, and performance.

For this show, the artists chose to focus on the concept of “Double Consciousness”, a term coined by the late sociologist and activist W.E.B. de Bois. This concept explores the inward “twoness” (split identity) experienced by Blacks in the United States. This duality originates from the oppression-driven feeling of the split between personal identification and societal identification. Recognizing this commonality within themselves, the artists attempt to reconcile their identities through collaboration of body and mind.

By exploring the phrase “twoness”, the artists contextualize their collaborative experience by striving to achieve a single aesthetic. As two young artists abroad, they formed this body of work to deal with their feelings of isolation and cultural, self, miss-identity. Using these terms the artists blur the relationship between singularity and duality.

Manifesting through three performances April 26-28, 2016: Stretch. Bend. Break, the artists explore the merging of identity both physically and conceptually. The performances are accompanied by a collection of work that further explores this exchange. The collection of works function as a narrative, guiding viewers through the journey of this intimate collaboration.



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