Student Show: Internet Landscapes


Internet Landscapes is a group exhibition of artists thinking critically about the Internet as a defining moment in our place in history. Through varied media, including videos, websites, books, prints and etchings, a common theme is the demystification of the network. The work is a result of a dialog on Internet infrastructure,, art and activism, Post-Internet art, hacking practices and personal narratives. Together, the pieces aim to visualize physical, societal and personal connections to the Internet, revealing a path towards becoming more empowered users, administrators and networked citizens.

Internet Landscapes is the product of a studio course by the same name taught by Evan Roth at Parsons Paris, where, for 15 weeks, students could only speak to servers using the terminal.

Participating artists:
Ameer Akbar | Myesha Gardner | Helena Kent | Likando Kumoyo | Meijun Li | Alice Lim | Constanza Pinto Barreyro | Anna Ruback | Kristen Simms | Rami Taryaki-Dunham | Olivia Tucker | Stephanie Verriopoulos | Taylor Wasikonis | Jasmine Zhang

Curated by Evan Roth. Image credit: Olivia Tucker.

Show runs May 4 – May 11, 2016
OPENING: May 4, 2016  |  6:30-8:30pm 
Parsons Paris Gallery, 45 Rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris






This show is part of Spring Open Programming where students were invited to submit proposals to be shown in the Parsons Paris Gallery