:PRINCIPIUM – MFA Design+Technology Thesis Show


A showcase by emerging artists, designers, coders, makers, hackers, educators, and thinkers featuring work by graduating MFA Design and Technology students Elwyn Crawford, Nadine Daouk, Jaime Hamadi, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, Eugena Ossi and Caitlin Pickall at Hub Lafayette Anticipation.

Elwyn Crawford
Affective Accessories
What if clothing began to move in response to inner changes coming from the body? In this era, the quantification of personal data through the everyday use of fitness trackers coincides with the heightened social sharing of deeply personal information. Affective Accessories probes the personal and public implications of having clothing visually express biometric changes within the body. By recording heart rate, each scarf in this collection effects a noticeable transformation through automated movement. Read more.


Nadine Daouk
The young generation in Lebanon has not witnessed the golden era of Lebanon. In order to raise awareness of the culture of Lebanon, I propose for my thesis project TOURATH, an iOS application. It is an interface that combines augmented reality and geolocation to create an experience of the golden cultural age of Lebanon. The learning technique imposed is facilitated by an instructional design methodology. TOURATH reenacts the past within the present and encourages the young generation to be more involved in knowing the history of their country. Read more.


Jaime Hamadi
Refuge Network is an anonymous information sharing feedback system that works to connect refugees to help and use their input to discern their needs and bring global awareness to the current refugee crisis. Read more.


Shawné Michaelain Holloway
ENTRY TOOLS I & II is an installation highlighting the similarities between tactical and sexual fetish aesthetics: how much violence is present in sensuality? How much sensuality is present in violence? Can we crave a balance in both? Do we crave a risk of both? Read more.


Eugena Ossi
Metrics of Disappearance uses digital methods as a way to observe and define a space as ‘disappeared.’ Through the analysis of data collected from Instagram, the visualization presents the density of photos on a street in Paris, allowing viewers to visually question the impermanence of space and its interactions. Read more.


Caitlin Pickall
Threshold is an immersive installation space constructed around the concept of ritual activity. Drawing on the concept of liminality described by anthropologist Arnold van Gennep in the early 1900s and developed by Victor Turner half a century later, it stages the states of dissolution, in-between-ness and re-integration characteristic of rites of passage. Within the space audio, projected imagery, and light elements are activated by the viewer’s presence and create an environment of fragmented and distorted impressions. Read more.

MFA Art, Media + Technology Program Director Benjamin Gaulon.



Hub Lafayette Anticipation
46, rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie 75004 Paris
metro: Hôtel de Ville (line 1), Rambuteau (line 11)

Opening May 20th, 6:30pm
Show runs May 20–22.