Woe Implores Go at Palais de Tokyo

This Nuit Blanche (Oct 1) Parsons Paris students will be animating faculty Mel O’Callaghan‘s latest performance art piece Going Over, Going Under in Place Dauphine on Ile de la Cité from 7pm to 1am. Nuit Blanche has been described by Time Out Paris, as an event when “an ever-changing roster of artistic directors takes over different portions of the city every year, commissioning hundreds of works that are all about finding new ways for citizens to interact with the urban space.” 

Rendering of the forthcoming Nuit Blanche performance by the artist.

The invitation came after O’Callaghan took over a major space in the Palais de Tokyo for the DoDisturb festival April 8, 9, & 10, 2016 with her performance art piece ‘Woe Implores Go’ [pictured in this post], and a similar performance piece at the 2014 Biennale of Sydney. Woe Implores Go was animated entirely by Parsons Paris students, faculty and staff who signed up for multiple 4-hour shifts. The field of ladders and ropes was activated by performers who engaged in a coordinated repetitive ascent and descent, pull and tug. In this way the performer became part of the fabric of the work and one-part of a larger performing body. With each repetition the work evolves throughout the course of the festival. The physical labor involved tests the resolve and resilience of performer and onlooker alike. Pushed to their physical limit, the performers seemingly move outside themselves, distancing psychologically from the act and the site of endurance. For students at Parsons Paris it was an opportunity of a lifetime, even if they were a bit sore and had blisters on their hands when it was over. We’re looking forward to round 2—see you October 1 at Place Dauphine for Nuit Blanche!










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Images courtesy of the artist. Woe Implores Go, 2016 Performance and Installation, Palais de Tokyo, Paris