Parsons Paris Experience on Facebook Live

This spring we’ve been taking Facebook Live for a test run, inviting three students each week to share their perspectives on a given theme to hear about opportunities and experiences. Here’s what they had to say!

Facebook Live #1: ‘Studying in Paris’ where we chat about neighborhoods, speaking French, apartments, and more!

Facebook Live #2: ‘Classes at Parsons Paris’ where we talk about different programs of study, field trips, and opportunities.

Facebook Live #3: ‘Paris & NYC’ where we talk to students who have spent time on both campuses to discuss similarities, differences and favorite places from three different perspectives.

Facebook Live #4: ‘Graduate Students’ talk about their programs, internships, and why they decided to study in Paris.

Facebook Live at Admitted Students Day: We chat with members of the Student Senate to learn about their experiences.  (Technical difficulties cut off the introductions.)

Facebook Live: Fashion Seniors: Behind the Scenes the day before the Parsons Paris Fashion Show


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