Cathay Capital Prize: Bellota Bellota

The Cathay Capital Prize was created to give Parsons Paris students in Strategic Design & Management a hands on challenge with a real prize at stake. This year five groups of three students from the Strategic Management course led by Emmanuel Alouche took on the challenge working with the French brand Bellota Bellota. Each of the teams created their own pitches to take on a problem they discovered during their research, ranging from first impressions to the way the Bellota Bellota story is told. Each presentation lasted 10 minutes where part of the challenge was to tie together all their ideas in a succinct pitch. On May 10th the teams came together at Cathay Capital Private Equity near the Champs Elysées to present their ideas one of the Cathay partners and a jury.

Faculty Emmanuel Alouche presents the project and the breakdown of presentations to the jury.

Teams put finishing touches on their presentations.

Each team presented their concepts.

The jury included Dean Florence Leclerc-Dickler, Hervé Descazeaux (Partner at Cathay Capital), Charles Bonnassieux (Vice President at Cathay Capital), and Bellota Bellota founder Philippe Poulachon.

And the winners are…

The winning team, “Storytelling” composed of Robert West Theriault, Melissa Beight, and Alexandra Letellier.

Reflecting on all the hard work at the reception.