Graduation Show: CONTINUUM

This year’s BFA Art, Media & Technology and MFA Design & Technology graduation show “CONTINUUM” took place down the street from Parsons Paris at Galerie24b. Works included virtual reality, photography, illustration, video, installation, projection mapping, and digital storytelling.

MFA Design & Technology mobility student from NYC, Paolo Villaneuva, created this video to document the event.

Beyza Dilem Toptal (MFA Design & Technology) “Patterns of Unintentional Coordination” uses cross-disciplinary research to create a spatial storytelling experience to open up conversations about interconnectivity.

Margaux Salgado (BFA Art, Media & Technology) “Quick Return Mechanism” converts rotary motion into reciprocating motion with lenticulars.

Stephanie Verripoulos (BFA Art, Media & Technology) “37°15’42” N, 23°09’3″ E 36° 41′ 0″ N, 23° 3′ 0″ E 37° 51′ 54.1584″ N, 23° 45′ 18.1620″E 37° 48′ 0″ N, 23° 47′ 0″ E” explores the abstractions of sea glass at a macro level.

M.C Barnard Smit (MFA Design & Technology) “Shred” gives the drummer control over digital grooves that otherwise could only be produced via a drum machine and hi-fi system.

Alexia Almeida (BFA Art, Media & Technology) “Fuckdimanches” explores the ephemeral nature of life online.

Olivia Tucker (BFA Art, Media & Technology) “Atlas of Collective Consciousness” hand-drawn laser cut atlas of illustrations exploring how mythology, consciousness, and technology are connected.

Samar Al-Khudhairi (MFA Design & Technology) “Baghdad is an idea” focuses on investigating memory, culture and identity for the Iraqi diaspora through technology.

Rachel D. Cunningham (BFA Art, Media & Technology) “Amaranthine” explores the lightness and beauty that can be found within the dream realm through projection mapping.

Faryal Hussain (BFA Art, Media & Technology) explores memories through virtual reality in “1988”.

Wonjik Yang (MFA Design & Technology) “Each Individual’s Borderless Universe” is a one-person virtual reality installation that explores the visceral and intangible definition of home.

Maureen Muse (BFA Art, Media & Technology) “Par Metamorfosis ¡Participate!” examines the way we move in our daily lives, through repetitive gestures and interactions shaped by physical and mental spaces.

Carlotta Aoun (MFA Design & Technology) “Intra|Outer” is a speculative view of the rituals we enact on technological devices and interfaces.

Special thanks to thesis instructors Bridget O’Rourke and Evan Roth.

The BFA Art, Media & Technology and MFA Design & Technology is led by Benjamin Gaulon. Check out their program blog for more. You can find all the projects on their thesis website.


Images: Puxan BC