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Faculty Show: Transmediale [Afterglow]

JANUARY 27-29, 2014 BERLIN_TRANSMEDIALE HACKING BEGINS MONDAY JANUARY 27, 2014 — 5 PM CLOSING EXHIBIT & PARTY (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) WEDNESDAY JANUARY 29, 2014 — 7 PM – LATE “Afterglow” is a collaboration between Art Hack Day, LEAP Berlin and transmediale. As coders we fear the ‘legacy’ system, a piece of old junk we […]

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Faculty Talk: Urban Hacking

Graffiti research lab – Urban Hacking : Se… by Gaitelyrique CONFÉRENCE (GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB FRANCE) URBAN HACKING : SE RÉAPPROPRIER L’ENVIRONNEMENT URBAIN Mardi 7 janvier 2014 / Tout public Tags :graffiti, art, street art, musique Mardi 7 Janvier (19:30) Florian Rivière Florian Rivière est un “hacker urbain” français. Depuis 2007, il a exploré des expérimentations […]

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Faculty Show: Tactical Glitch

SUDLAB | NEW MEDIA ART SUDLAB as part of the program SUDLAB | NEW MEDIA ART presents the group exhibition Tactical Glitches curated by Rosa Menkman and Nick Briz “Technologies come with expectations, but these expectations aren’t always met. An mp3 might skip and crackle. A computer monitor might—for a moment—show shards instead of windows. […]

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BFA Art, Media, and Technology Exhibition: Urban Hacking @Orleanoide Festival

Urban hacking workshop in the city in the afternoon, workshop starting at the 108 French artist Benjamin Gaulon is invited to offer an afternoon of playful and creative hacking of urban furniture, scrolling billboards, video surveillance, and other electronic devices. The workshop is open to all ages and it will start with the making of […]

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Faculty Exhibition: Alternatives peer-to-peer

Workshops, Projections, Concerts, Exhibition Sunday 8th December 2013 Maison Populaire, Montreuil DIMANCHE 8 DÉCEMBRE 2013 [14H > 20H] Nous vivons aujourd’hui dans un généreux bain d’ondes électromagnétiques de diverses origines : naturelles, issues de l’activité radiophonique et de l’observation radar, mais aussi en provenance des appareils qui peuplent désormais notre quotidien : bornes wifi, appareils […]

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Faculty Interview: Arte

YOUROPE IS WATCHING YOU Affaire Snowden, cyberespionnage, surveillance téléphonique d’Angela Merkel Les scandales impliquant les services de renseignement américains s’enchaînent. ‘Yourope’ donne la parole à des jeunes qui refusent de se laisser surveiller – précisément parce qu’ils estiment n’avoir rien à cacher. Featuring Benjamin Gaulon our Art, Media and Technology program director. read more

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Exhibition: Forays / Optimism by FIELD

Forays / Optimism by FIELD Opening: Thursday 28th of November 7 to 9pm Exhibition: 28th of November to 27th of January. 12 – 6pm Forays / Optimism at Parsons Gallery presents a juxtaposition of two new works by London based art and design studio FIELD. Forays I-IV is a series of computer-generated, speculative, and sensual […]

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Trace Recordings: Faculty Exhibition

Turning an eye to 21st century surveillance, Trace Recordings examines the mechanisms of these increasingly pervasive systems, explores how they are altering our behaviours and shifting our ideas of public/private selves. Curated by Chris Gaul and Holly Williams, Trace Recordings features works by Parsons Paris AMT Program Director Benjamin Gaulon along with Denis Beaubois, James Bridle, Mahwish Chishty, […]

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Exhibition: A Parsons Emerging Fashion Showcase

A Parsons Emerging Fashion Showcase Opening: Sunday 29th September 6 to 9pm Exhibition: 29th of September to 27th of October. 12 – 6pm Parsons Paris presents an installation of collections from the top graduates of its world renowned Fashion Design program. This includes the 2013 Parsons Designer of the Year finalists and winner Harim Jung, […]

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A Conversation with Laurent Claquin & Simon Collins

Q&A WITH SIMON COLLINS AND LAURENT CLAQUIN TUESDAY October 1st, 2013 10:00am – 12:00pm : Room 301 Simon Collins, Dean School of Fashion, Parsons The New School for Design welcomed Laurent Claquin, Head of KERING Americas for a Q&A session during Fashion Week. Laurent Claquin spoke about his own career as well as the current […]

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