Streetwise and Safe workshop on LGBTQ Youth in the Sex Trades

"You're Stopping Me Because?! A condom is never probable cause!"

Streetwise and Safe shares their insights at Lang

Many thanks to the faculty (we are looking at you T.L. Cowan!), staff and students at Lang who are responsible for bringing this amazing grassroots organization to campus to share their insights with The New School community! Does The New School need to have even more opportunities to learn from local grassroots organizations and means with which we can share our campus resources with them? I know MY answer to that question….

Here are the details:

Getting What We Need:Addressing the Realities of LGBTQ youth in the Sex Trades

Workshop Presentation by Streetwise and Safe (SAS)

Wollman Hall (5th Floor 65 West 11st Street) Eugene Lang College The New School for the Liberal Arts

Thursday March 6th , 2014, 6-8pm

Much has been said about youth with involvement in the sex trades but rarely are the voices of these young people incorporated into the conversation. This workshop will look at recent data, as well as some research that Streetwise and Safe (SAS) has been doing. What is it that LGBTQ youth with involvement in the sex trades are identifying as their needs? How do they interact with systems that are claiming to be there to serve them, such as law enforcement and service agencies? Are current policies and approaches around youth involvement in the sex trades supporting or failing these youth in getting what they need? What are young people doing to change the realities for youth in the sex trades right here in NYC? These are just a few of the questions we will explore in this workshop led by SAS youth.

Streetwise and Safe is a project by and for LGBTQ youth of color that works around policing issues that disproportionately affect our communities. We stand with and for LGBTQ youth with experience trading sex for survival needs.

For more information about this event, contact: T.L. Cowan –