History in Motion: A Teach-In on Social Justice History at The New School, April 14th

Want to separate fact from fiction when it comes to The New School’s progressive legacy? Curious about how current organizing efforts on campus connect to earlier struggles?

If the answer is yes, check out the plans for a teach-in coordinated by Students for Social Justice:

Students for Social Justice at The New School: is working to host a Teach-in about the history of activism and organizing at The New School, called History in Motion: A Teach-In on Social Justice History at The New School. We hope to hold the event on April 14th from 6-9pm.

We hope to unite students across divisions and areas of interest by exploring our community’s history (including present movements), and to examine and overcome challenges faced by organizers within the institutional context of The New School.

Topics covered may include:

  • Brief history of the school’s changing structure/departments/etc.
  • Anti-white supremacy movements at TNS
  • Art Collection and Curating  
-Founding philosophy
  • University in Exile
  • History of student groups- from past to present
  • 2009 Occupations
  • The history of the Social Justice Hub space
  • Organizing efforts to make TNS a safer, more inclusive, and more accessible facility

 There are several ways to become involved:

  • participate in the event,
  • facilitate a dialogue at the event,
  • help determine the topics covered in the event (see below for existing ideas)
  • help determine the format, language, and components of the event (to help create and anti-oppressive and inclusive space)
  • help find facilitators,
  • help write proposals for funding from OSDA

Please read the event description below and let us know if you would like to collaborate on this project, or if you have any concerns that you’d like to communicate with us. Once we hear back from you we will coordinate to move forward.

History in Motion: A Teach-In on Social Justice History at The New School

Join community members in a teach-in to address the history of organizing  
and activism at the New School, from the school’s conception to the  
present. Together we will catalyze student organizing by uniting the  
community around its history, learning from past and present efforts,  
building solidarity around organizing challenges in the institutional  
context, and examining intersections among practices and practitioners of  
social justice efforts at TNS. Help us create a space for horizontal and  
equitable dialogue, share your knowledges, experiences, stories, and  
strategies and initiate group action. Enjoy food, discourse, and a cost-free
 “solidarity raffle” which will result in a donation to the Social Justice 
Hub. (Stakeholders will develop a list of possible donations for the space and the winner of the raffle – tickets are free) gets to choose from the predetermined list of items. Students for Social  Justice will take responsibility for bringing the purchase and installment to fruition, with the collaboration of other interested students.) Speakers will include individuals from  the New School Community;  students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

Community members, past and present, harbor a wealth of knowledge and  
experience in organizing both within and outside of TNS, and to share these  
different knowledges is to strengthen future strategies. This teach-in will  
create a space for this exchange; it will serve as a platform for students  
of all intersections of identity to unite under the milieu of accessible  
and visionary movements in line with The New School’s founding values; to 
revive this identity, examine the challenges of inclusive organizing, and  
to explore the intersections between practices and practitioners of social  
justice within our institutional context. The praxis of this event is essential to its realization–  that the teach-in be based on dialogue, participation, horizontality,  
inclusivity, equity and will be ultimately aimed toward action.