Trouble With the Present: A Conversation with Adam Michnik & Open House Reception

Following our announcement of the 2017 Democracy & Diversity Institute in Wroclaw, we are pleased to extend an invitation to the Spring 2017 TCDS OPEN HOUSE.

Please come and join other members of our community — former and prospective participants of the D&D Institutes, faculty, and friends — for conversation during this traditional wine & pierogi get-together.

Our Spring 2017 guest speaker will be Adam Michnik, former dissident, political prisoner, and — most recently — author of “The Trouble with History” (Yale, 2014). He will talk about “The Trouble with the Present”.

Thursday, April 13th, 7pm @ The New School

Wolff Conference Room, 6 E 16th St., Rm. 1103 


Adam Michnik is an historian, distinguished author and political thinker, and Editor-in- Chief of Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland’s first post-communist and most widely circulated daily. A student activist imprisoned in March 1968, he was a co-founder of the Committee in Defense of Workers (KOR) in 1976, a leader of the Solidarity movement in 1980-81, and a key figure in the Roundtable Talks between Solidarity and the Communist government, in which a peaceful transition to democracy was negotiated in the spring of 1989. A recipient of major European awards, his books include Letters from Prison and Other Essays (California University Press, 1985), The Church and the Left (1992), Letters from Freedom (California University Press 1998), and a dozen others translated into over 20 languages. Michnik holds an honorary doctorate from the New School (1984). A long-time friend and collaborator of the New School’s Transregional Center for Democratic Studies, he was a frequent guest speaker at our Democracy & Diversity Institutes, at numerous TCDS conferences, and was NSSR Visiting Professor in 1997 and 2003.