Global Dialogues Fellowship

A Curatorial Research Program in Critical Concerns of Democratic Culture and Governance

The Global Dialogues Fellowship is a semester-long study program organized by the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies for alumni of our Democracy & Diversity Institutes. The fellowship affords civic-minded but politically vulnerable scholars from Eurasia — young curators of democracy in that region – an opportunity to join The New School for Social Research (NSSR) for one semester, where they address critical concerns of democratic culture and governance through joint work with four NSSR students.

Our Curators of Democracy Program aims at fostering critical thinking on the ways that societies embedded in different cultural and historical contexts pursue their debates on, and solutions for, problems that they have in common. The key analytical lenses around which the work will be centered are Democratization, Civil Society & Civic Life, and issues related to Diversity and Otherness. These are broad themes that allow for the examination of shared interests and more specific challenges, such as the limits of procedural democracy (and the need to complement it with a performative dimension); the threatened idea of citizenship as a quality, not just as a status that indicates belonging to a given state, where the private and public meet, where the exercise of rights and responsibilities can take place.

In the fall semester of 2016, the fellows will participate in an intensive research cluster focused on the Politics of Historical Memory. Final versions of their projects will be presented at the Fellows’ Concluding Conference on Friday, December 16, 2016, at The New School.

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