Building on The New School for Social Research’s interdisciplinary tradition, the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies (TCDS) creates and conducts cross-departmental research and training programs aimed at addressing special needs and opportunities for graduate study and advanced scholarship in the new global world.

Following the social and political transformations of recent years, when two contradictory processes, globalization and the increasing fragmentation into ethnic enclaves, have come to dominate the imagination of both scholars and policy-makers, TCDS’s integrated set of activities draws on the concept of a ‘region’ as a promising perspective from which to examine the complex relations between the local and the global.

TCDS’s programs, designed to foster a better understanding of how the concerns of new, and old, democracies are today beginning to converge, focus on the problems of democratic institutional design at the local, national and, above all, regional levels, primarily in the four regions targeted by its activities , Central and Eastern Europe; Central Asia and the Caucasus; Sub-Saharan Africa; Latin America; and North America. The various projects conducted by the Center are united by their shared concentration on the issues of democratization, diversity, civil society and civic life, globalization, development, and equity. Utilizing these analytic tools, TCDS’s activities aim at bridging gaps between theory and practice, between different social science disciplines, and between academia and the “real” world of politics and policy making.

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