Letters from the Field

Letters from the Field is a column devoted to news and commentary from our friends and colleagues around the world. Please check back for updates, and please submit your own “letters” to TCDS@newschool.edu. This is another way for us to stay connected in our global digital world, and we hope that your comments and news will inspire research and collaboration and discussion on the issues that matter to the TCDS community!

Read the latest letters from year 2016: Poland (March) & Wroclaw (June)

2015: Lithuania (March), Europe (June), St. Petersburg (September), Germany (November),

2014: Ukraine (February), New York (February), NSSR (March), New York (December)

2013: Russia (October), New York (November), Ukraine (December)

2012: Nairobi (October), Poland/Eastern Europe (September), Johannesburg (September), New York (August), and New York (February).

2011: Wroclaw (December) Warsaw (October), Lublin (May), New York, Paris, London, and Amsterdam (Part One- December ), (Part Two- January). Johannesburg (October)

2010: London (November), Warsaw (November), and Johannesburg (November), (October) and (October).