Supporting Faculty for the 2016 Global Dialogues Fellowship



Professor of Philosophy at The New School for Social Research. His interests range from ancient philosophy and early modern science to philosophy of history and philosophy of memory. He is the editor of Memory: A History (Oxford, 2015).






Assistant Professor of History at The New School for Social Research. His research interests includes the histories of the modern Middle East and South Asia, the historical geography of capitalism, agrarian studies, comparative methodologies for the study of large-scale historical transformations, the social and environmental history of public works and infrastructural projects, the history of anti-colonial movements, and state theory.





Professor of Sociology and Liberal Studies at The New School for Social Research. Her research in political and cultural sociology focuses on democratic transformations, gender and democracy, the borderlands of a shared Europe, and more recently on the challenges faced by democracies emerging with a legacy of violence. As director of TCDS, she has developed and directs international Democracy & Diversity Institutes for rigorous study and cross-cultural research on the critical issues facing today’s world.