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New Foreign Minister of Ukraine is TCDS alumnus!

Dear Friends, This is to let you know that the current acting Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Andrii Deshchytsia (appointed on February 27, 2014), is a TCDS alumnus. He participated in the Democracy and Diversity Institute in Krakow twice (!), in 1992 and 1993, and then was accepted for study at the University of Alberta, where he got his […]

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Ukraine: An Open Letter from Yuri Andrukhovych

Dear Friends, all foreign journalists and editors! Recently I received requests from many of you to describe the current situation in Kiev and generally in the Ukraine, to present my judgment of what is going on, and to present my vision of the near future.  Since it is impossible for me to write a separate […]

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A Letter from Ukraine: Experience of Maidan

Experience of Maidan by Andriy Bondarenko Kyiv’s Maidan has really proved to be a lasting affair, strong enough to manifest the will of the majority of Ukraine’s population. Everyone could see the evidence of its ability to stand against police forces. Even during calm periods Maidan is still an impressive sight. For those of us […]

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