Introduction to Teaching: TA & TF Workshop

We had a wonderful turn out for the first Teaching and Learning Workshop in August. Below are videos of the eight presentations made during the workshop by several offices who offer resources for teaching at the university.   1. Intro to Teaching: Welcome 2. Teaching Assistant/Teaching Fellow Panel 3. Assisting Student in Crisis 4. Starfish 5. […]

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Digital Tools in Teaching Workshops

The New School for Public Engagement offered three workshops in the digital humanities in Spring 2014 for part-time and full-time faculty teaching in any school at NSPE and supported by the Civic Engagement initiative of the NSPE Executive Dean’s Office. The workshops covered technical, theoretical, and ethical issues in utilizing digital tools in our teaching. […]

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Nicolás Galván: Being a Listener and a Player, Being a Student and an Experiential Learner

Through playing jazz and listening to jazz, either inside or outside of the classroom, I’m constantly changing my role as a learner. While listening to jazz, I’m focusing on the nuances and timbers of each instrument, the interplay between different members of the ensemble and how it relates to their respective, traditional instrument roles (a […]

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Erica Fae: Land in Your Body

In our current culture of yoga-gone-mainstream and self-help lingo everywhere, the idea of “presence” is hardly new.  Perhaps we even agree it’s a good idea to “be present” in what we are doing, particularly when doing something of importance to us: like our work.  And perhaps we’ve also wished – at one point or another […]

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Guest Contributor Introduction: Erica Fae

Erica Fae is a theater-maker, film maker, and performer. She teaches acting at The New School for Drama.

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Shana Agid: Working with People

When I started teaching at Parsons, one of the first things I learned was to listen for the overlaps and divergences in the language my colleagues, students, and I each used to say what we saw and imagined to be true, or important, or impossible, or inevitable. We did not mean the same thing when […]

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Guest Contributor Introduction: Shana Agid

Shana Agid is an artist, teacher, writer, and activist whose work focuses on relationships of power and difference, particularly regarding sexuality, race, and gender in visual and political cultures. Agid is an Assistant Professor of Arts, Media, and Communication at Parsons the New School for Design where he teaches in the MFA Fine Arts program, […]

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Nicolás Galván: Reflections on Learning from a BAFA Student

Hi everybody, welcome to the blog! I can’t wait to help build upon the community of people at The New School who are interested in thinking about education—those who are fascinated and curious about education in general, and those who are interested in what it means to be a teacher, student, and learner. I’m Nico […]

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Student Contributor Introduction: Nicolás Galván

Nicolás Galván is a third year B.A./B.F.A. candidate majoring in Education Studies, Politics, and Jazz Tenor Saxophone. A native of Los Angeles, Nico views his time in New York as having the “best of both worlds” — LA provides open space, warmth, and nature ranging from the desert, snow capped mountains, and beaches,  whereas the […]

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