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LaChaun Moore Examines Perceptions of Farming in the African American Community

By LaChaun Moore One might argue that as a society, we have collectively become more conscious of the environment, but more importantly the ways in which social and economic factors affect the environment. My initial research proposal for The Tishman Environment and Design Center was to intervene in the cycle of urban renewal, which usually […]

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Marriele Robinson Researches Biofuel and Natural Disaster Response in NYC

By Marriele Robinson As a Student Scholar at the Tishman Environment and Design Center, students are given the unique opportunity to explore, in-depth, a topic you are passionate about. In my case, the Tishman Center has allowed me to research the use of biofuel in natural disaster preparedness and response in New York City. The driving logic […]

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Corey Chao Looks at Sea Level Rise Through Media and Planning

  Future Stories By Corey Chao Welcome to Sea Bright, NJ—one of hundreds of coastal towns in the region on the front lines of sea-level rise. Still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, Sea Bright residents are debating stark questions about the town’s long-term future—including the existential possibility that it may eventually be uninhabitable. Six feet of […]

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