The Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility proudly announces the 2015-16 Lecture Series themed “(Im)Mobilities: Violence and the Politics of Borders”.

This theme focuses on how migratory movements and other types of mobilities are seen by the state and different socio-political actors as sources of insecurity and vulnerability. Particularly, how sovereign borders and other social structures try to fix populations within or outside certain territories through the use of technologies, vectors, and spaces of violence.

In addition, the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility co-sponsors events of a varied array of topics.

Spring 2016 Lecture Series events

February 24th @ 4pm – Nancy Hiemstra – Detain and Deport: A Transnational Ethnography of U.S. Immigration Enforcement. Watch the video!

March 14th @ 6pm – Vicki Squire – The Violence of Border Security: Migrant Deaths Across Deserts and Seas.

April 12th @ 6pm – William Walters – Aeroplanes and Deportation.

*All lectures will take place in the Bob & Sheila Hoerle Lecture Hall (UL 105) in the 63 5th Ave University Center building, lower level.

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Spring 2016 co-sponsored events

May 9 – Offending Liberties: American Controversies about Islam

May 6-8 – Queering Immigration Conference #3

April 29 – The Refugee Crisis, Dispatches from Lesvos

April 26 – The Bodies of the Jihad: State, Territories, and Identities

April 21 and 22 – The Invasive Others Conference

April 18 – Refugee Movements and the Crisis of Europe: Theoretical Interventions

April 15 and 16 – Constellations Conference: Post-Colonialism, Critical Theory, and Democracy

April 15 – Refugees: From Liability to Opportunity

April 14 – “States of Incarceration” National Exhibition Launch

April 12 – Asylum or Fortress? The Immigration Crisis and the Illusion of European Solidarity

March 10 –  Religion, Ethnicity, and Democracy in Israel

March 4 – How Did We Get Here? The Historical Roots of the U.S. Immigration Debate

February 22 – Secular Revolutions and Religious Counter-revolutions

February 01 – Citizenship’s Empire


Fall 2015 Lecture Series events

September 17- The Land of Open Graves: Necroviolence and the Politics of Migrant Death in the Arizona Desert by Jason de León. Watch the video!

October 29- Migration, Temporality and Sexuality in India by Svati Shah

December 2-Freedom as Violence, or: a (Post-)Colonial Account of Mobility,                                                Homelessness, and Political Belonging by Hagar Kotef


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Fall 2015 co-sponsored events

December 2 – Pilgrimage, Transnational Territories and Migration

November 30 – Wrongs, Rights and Irregular Migrants

November 19 – Mexico Dialogues: Public Sector, Civil Society, and Academia Series

November 19 – Writing Futures in the Histories of Cambodia, the United States and France

November 12 – Diaspora Disneys: Spectacular Homes and Homelands in the Global Age

October 26 – Political Violence and Political Justice: Rethinking Nuremberg in Light of South Africa

October 15 – Securitized Immigration and the Electronic Surveillance of Workers in the U.S.

September 21 – Decolonization and Postnacional Democracy: Thinking with Césaire and Senghor

September 19 – Reimagine Belonging

August 28-30 – Queering Immigration Conference #2