Faculty working on migration and mobility at The New School

  • Jonathan Bach (GPIA / Global Studies) Extraterritorial voting; Remittances.; Urbanization in China.
  • Doris Chang (Psychology) Race, ethnicity, culture and mental health; acculturative stress and indigenous coping strategies; Taoist Cognitive Therapy for Chinese immigrants with generalized anxiety; culturally-grounded web-based interpretation for patients with limited English proficiency.
  • Alexandra Délano (Global Studies) Migration policies; Immigrant integration; Transnationalism; Diasporas; State-diaspora relations.
  • Carlos Forment (Sociology) Citizenship.
  • Victoria Hattam (Politics) Race, Ethnicity, Transnationalism, Religion, Visual politics.
  • Andreas Kalyvas (Politics) Stateless citizens, Irregular migration; Cosmopolitan citizenship; Borderlands and sovereignty.
  • Laura Liu (Urban Studies) Urban, political, and feminist geography; Gender and ethnic studies; Community and class organizing; Migration and work; Race and space; Chinatowns.
  • Anne McNevin (Politics) Citizenship and political belonging; Borders and migration; The spatial dimension of politics.
  • Christina Moon (Fashion Studies) Fashion design and manufacturing landscapes in Asia and the Americas; memory, migration, and labor of its cultural workers.
  • Fabio Parasecoli (Food Studies) Food and migrations; Food globalization; International food studies movement; Sustainable tourism.
  • Jessica Pisano (Politics)  The political economies of borderlands in Ukraine and Russia.
  • Natalia Mehlman Petrzela (Education Studies) Bilingualism; Multiculturalism.
  • David Plotke (Politics) US politics; Political and social movements; Citizenship, immigration, and ethnicity; Democratic theory; Collective action.
  • Elaine Savory (Literature) Caribbean and African literatures, especially women’s writing, poetry, drama, and theater; Diaspora, Difference, Home: Reading the Postcolonial Novel.
  • Radhika Subramaniam (Art and Design History and Theory) Non-human mobilities; crowds and rhetorics of contamination/contagion.
  • Miriam Ticktin (Anthropology) Anthropology of the human and humanitarianism; Migration, camps, and borders; Sexual violence/violence against women; PTSD/trauma, psychiatric humanitarianism; Anthropology of science, medicine, ethics.