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Passage: Migration A performance by Ashmina Ranjit

Passage: Migration Performance Art by Ashmina Ranjit Fulbright Scholar and Internationally Recognized Artist Tuesday, Feb. 25th 5pm-6:30pm 66 W. 12th St., 5th Fl., Klein Conference Room (510) The performance aims to explore the narratives of transition and assimilation, the experiences in living in the liminal space of belonging, and the idea of prabas and prabasi, one […]

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Daedalus issue on “Immigration & the Future of America”

Daedalus’ current issue is dedicated to the topic of “Immigration & the Future of America” http://www.mitpressjournals.org/toc/daed/current Table of contents” Volume 142, Issue 3 – Summer 2013 – Immigration & the Future of America America’s Immigration Policy Fiasco: Learning from Past Mistakes Douglas S. Massey Daedalus Summer 2013, Vol. 142, No. 3: 5–15. Abstract | PDF […]

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Call for Papers: Fifth Annual University of California International Migration Conference: “Immigrant Integration in Comparative Perspective”

Conference Date: Friday, January 31, 2014 Location: Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, UC San Diego Theme: This conference uses a comparative lens to study immigrant integration/ assimilation/ incorporation. Possible points of comparison are across place (at various scales from the continental to the national to the local); immigrant group; historical period; or type of integration […]

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