Feet in 2 Worlds – Dream City II

Feet in 2 Worlds (Fi2W), a project of the Center for New York City Affairs at The New School, proposes to build on the success of the inaugural Dream City film series to create an annual film festival at The New School focused on immigration stories and the work of immigrant filmmakers both within the University and beyond. The Zolberg Institute was the principal funder of the Dream City film series, held over three days, April 21 – 23, 2015. Next year’s festival will provide a space where the diverse perspectives and experiences of migrants can be told in creative and engaging ways to a wide audience. The festival will serve as a springboard to ongoing conversations on Fi2Ws website, in social media and with our partners in the media and throughout The New School. Dream City II will provide a platform for immigrant filmmakers to show their work and to engage with journalists, scholars and members of the public in conversations about migration, immigration and story telling. Fi2W’s extensive network of community groups, media outlets and entities within The New School will advance the Zolberg Institute’s mission to create conversations around issues of global migration and mobility, their economic impact, political consequences and their meaning for issues of citizenship and identity. Dream City II will provide a unique opportunity to screen new works by emerging student and community-based filmmakers, as well as more established filmmakers. Screening smaller productions alongside feature films gives a diverse and engaging portrait of immigration stories. The project will consist of three parts:


  • A curated series at The New School of films that tell immigrant stories in especially powerful and effective ways. We will place particular emphasis on independent films and films written and/or directed by 1st and 2nd generation immigrants.
  • A collection of student shorts by New School students. We also hope to again showcase youth media works from the Engage Media Lab.
  • Panel discussions bringing together filmmakers, scholars, journalists and immigration activists to explore the role of film as a means to portray immigrants, to influence the public discourse about immigration, and to shape popular images of immigrants.


The project will be co-directed by Feet in 2 Worlds’ staff:


John Rudolph, executive producer and founder, is a radio journalist with more than 35 years experience as a program host, editor and producer of documentaries, podcasts and news reports. John created Fi2W to bring the work of immigrant and ethnic media journalists and underreported stories from immigrant communities to audiences on public radio and online. John developed and teaches the Fi2W journalism course at the Milano School at The New School.


Jocelyn Gonzales, Technical Director and podcast producer, is a fulltime faculty member of the sound design department of the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and Director of Freshmen Studies.


Rachael Bongiorno, Editor and contributor to Fi2W, is a New School Media Studies student, multimedia journalist, community media practitioner and a collaborator with the Engage Media Lab. She is a frequent contributor to public radio, and has experience in community development with migrant and refugee communities and as a project manager in multilingual