Messages to the Community

Yesterday’s Events in Washington

A message from Dr. Dwight A. McBride, President and University Professor

The disturbing events at the U.S. Capitol yesterday represented the erosion of democratic principles, the deep divisions that have been fostered and allowed to fester, and the underbelly of white supremacy that continues to exist in our government and law enforcement. An important but barely newsworthy process in any other year—the official act of vote certification—became a site of politicized contestation with the potential to overturn the will of the people.

We can and should expect more from Americans and those who are elected or hired to serve this country and represent it on the world stage. Our leaders should, across-the-board and at the very least, exemplify statesmanship, ethical practices, respect for political process, and basic human decency, and they should inspire their constituents to be guided by those standards as well.

We are grateful to those who remained overnight to complete the process with which they were charged, after having been so shaken and threatened. The coming days will doubtlessly hold more drama and difficulty; let’s hope peace and goodwill prevail as we move closer and closer to a historic transition. 

I continue to be proud of this university that values respectful debate and collaboration and a deep respect for humanity.

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